Watched the Eagles-Saints game Sunday afternoon at Break-Awayz, and even though the Eagles lost, I was actually a bit relieved because it means that I won’t have to eat out anymore because I really can’t afford restaurant prices. Plus, the waitress was so rude to my date that I probably would not go back there, ever. I’m not sure what the problem was, but she was mad about something. Well just take it out on me. Thanks a lot.

Here’s an example wherein trying to save money, cutting my cable tv off, actually cost me money every time the Eagles advanced because I would have to go to a sports bar to watch it. Naturally, it is generally expected that you order food and drink while you’re in there, so I had to do three hours plus of eating and drinking during both playoff games. Since I’m not normally a barfly, I found myself cheering against other tables full of generally drunk fans for the other team and I was usually outnumbered, as usual, being so far away from home. Thank God that is over. So now, I won’t have to eat out until football season starts, and only if the Eagles get in the playoffs, which could be a long, long time.

Back to The Practice Monday morning, business has been pretty beat in the mornings, I think because all the parking spaces are occupied by gym members. So I think one of my main problems during this practice-startup experience, and totally unforeseen by me, is the parking lot. Here is a typical morning: Fitness One

This morning I am reviewing the latest in spinal manipulation techniques, out of Italy this time: Flagler Chiropractor

Flagler Chiropractor

Flagler chiropractic office opening:

Starting week #6 at this new location, but it’s actually week #2, as I missed the entire first-month being not in the office, due to my other job, so I think I opened too early, and now everybody at the gym is like, “this guy’s never here.” 

So I’ve been here as often as possible this week, but it’s not really causing a mad rush or anything. In fact, the days are pretty relaxing, which is actually not a good thing. I did have a walk-in this morning, but it was a local newspaper person, selling advertising, which I’m already doing through Facebook ads. So that’s the only interest I have had, by people wanting money.