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…enjoy the benefits of the art of spinal and extremity joint manipulation for the relief of pain & discomfort as a result of less than optimal motion and function.

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Flagler chiropractor



Shut down by the Coronavirus since February 2020, I have yet to find an acceptable office space, but I am pushing online learning, at learnchiropractic.com and doing personal training services.

Chiropractic care is complementary for those who give permission to be filmed for my online chiropractic course, with the exception of Zone patients.

Get in touch anytime at kurt@bodyworx.us and (386) 320-6260.

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Kurt Anderson, D.C.



Flagler chiropractor



“Joint fixation with nerve interference.” That’s what we’re going after when we “crack” or adjust your back and extremities. Included upon request with any personal training package for an extra $15 per visit. We do not do dedicated chiropractic housecalls at the current time.


Flagler chiropractor



Let me help you perfect your home workout through the use of fitness bands and bodyweight exercises. Fitness Journal included.



Thumper Massager


Robotic Massage

Included with the chiropractic add-on services only, under personal training.


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Dr. Kurt is awesome. My husband and I both get adjustments from him. Not only does he spend a lot of time with us, but he also produces results. I feel so much better. He’s making my aches and pains improve immensely each visit. (Dec 2019)



Fantastic adjustment & great price. Scheduling was easy (he was able to see me the day after I called), location is easy to find (inside of the Fitness One gym) & I am very pleased with the adjustment. I will be back! (2018)



I have been so very pleased with Dr. Kurt. I was a mess when I showed up right after the holidays with a hip and lower back problem. He listened to me and was meticulous and thorough (as opposed to fast and condescending) with his exam and treatment. It’s taken me about 4 visits but I feel great and definitely back to 100%.
I’m happy to be his patient and share his info. (Jan 2019)




Simply the best chiropractor ever. My wife and I have been getting adjustments since the mid 80’s and are absolute believers in chiropractic care. Kurt is the best Doctor we’ve ever had. Patient, knowledgeable and proficient.




The doctor-recommended BioPosture Mattress is made with our proprietary BioMemoryFoam, offering superior comfort, optimum spinal support and the health benefits of Celliant. The BioPosture Mattress is an FDA-Determined Medical Device, clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up with more energy. 

Your BioPosture Mattress can be made without flame retardant chemicals, with a Letter of Medical Necessity from your chiropractor or doctor. Choose this option at checkout and we will contact Dr. Anderson. 

BioPosture’s ergonomic design was perfected with input from top doctors and chiropractors. It offers three layers of comfort and support foams to ensure proper pressure relief and spinal alignment, without being too firm or too soft. You sleep on it, not in it.

Every BioPosture mattress is covered in Celliant, a mineral textile that converts your body heat into infrared energy, for improved blood flow, tissue oxygenation and thermoregulation (it keeps you cool). Celliant is clinically proven to promote better sleep, recovery from pain and help you wake up with more energy. 

BioPosture mattresses are latex free and CertiPUR-US Certified, in addition to being available without chemical flame retardants, through your Doctor. Our BioMemoryFoam™ is made with eco-friendly plant oil substitutes.



“The BioPosture mattress feels great and will please all types of sleepers. Very few mattresses can accomplish this feat. It provides amazing support without being too firm…Get this mattress if you want to sleep easy knowing you are getting proper spinal support and all the benefits of Celliant to help your body recover after a stressful day.”-The Sleep Sherpa

“BioPosture is unique in that its mattresses have been prescribed by thousands of doctors over the last 7 years, so they know a thing or two about building a great mattress and aren’t just another Bed-In-A-Box mattress vendor.

The premium materials used in the design of the BioPosture work together to provide a very comfortable yet supportive mattress that is ideal for all sleeping positions…one of the highest quality mattresses that we have reviewed.”-Memory Foam Talk



Our BioMemoryFoam is a different kind of mattress. Designed by doctors, our mattress is covered with Celliant, which the FDA has determined  to be a Medical Device. Sleep in a therapeutic environment each night to regenerate, restore and recharge.


The BioPosture bed topper is 3″ of extraordinary comfort and support. It is covered in Celliant® for the health benefits of infrared energy. A bed topper is a great way to achieve the BioPosture benefits without investing in a new mattress.


Every BioPosture pillow is finished using the same removable, washable, Celliant® fabric used on our BioPosture mattresses. Celliant is clinically-proven to offer infrared wellness benefits effective through pillow protectors and pillow cases.



Heading 4

Your BioPosture Mattress can be made without flame retardant chemicals, with a Letter of Medical Necessity from your chiropractor or doctor. Choose this option at checkout and we will contact Kurt Anderson, D.C.