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Kurt Anderson, D.C. graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 1998 and has been practicing in one capacity or another ever since. 

For more info on “Dr. A”, please see his Facebook personal page  or his Facebook business page .

Summary from my Linkedin Profile Page: “Graduating back in the late 1990’s with a crushing amount of student loan debt, I originally had planned to work with the Amish in my beloved Lancaster County, PA, but having no credit or cash after college I was rendered pretty much out of the game, and ended up leading a nomadic existence to stay employed in chiropractic for over two decades. My main goal was to stay out of my parent’s basement, and that I did. My Dad’s a farmer and he would have had me out there busting rocks like Cool Hand Luke. I never did make it back home to Lancaster County. By the time it was over, my friends back home had raised entire families. I think the lesson here is, don’t do student loans! People are still doing it though. I guess it’s like mass hypnotism or something… I ended up in Florida by 2017 to care for an aging relative and recently secured a one-room office space in a gym, so I am about 20 years late. I can think of worse spots to end up in than Flagler Beach! If the practice thrives, I will eventually sell the practice to a much younger doctor and finally move back to Lancaster County, PA to retire, so I will be the only person headed back to Lancaster County while the rest of the oldsters from Lancaster, I imagine, will be headed South, so we will most likely pass by each other going in opposite directions.”

The office is a one-room facility at the Fitness One  building with access to the fitness facility for patient rehabilitation. If you wish to join the gym, ask Dr. A for a free, one-week pass, so you can try it out.

Flagler Chiropractor
Kurt Anderson, D.C.

For our waiting room, please feel free to hang out at the nearby Wild Rabbit Cafe  if the office happens to be busy.

Thank you. 

Kurt Anderson, D.C.

Our Top-Rated Services

Chiropractic is about more than just neck and back pain relief! Here are our services:

Neck and Back Pain Relief! (Naturally!)

Fitness Training Prescription

Zone Technique (Systemic Health)

Extremities – Manipulation

Robotic Massage (Machine/Hands-Free)

Aline Shoe Orthotics

Publications by Kurt: 300 Day Fitness Journal

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