Hard Times

If you’ve never seen the movie, “Hard Times” with Charles Bronson, do yourself a favor and hunt it down and watch it. What a gem! I think we’ve had a taste of some hard times in 2020 so far. I hope we can rise from it.

After getting next to no work for several months, except for my part-time farm job, I have been getting ready to move out of my classy, but pricey rental in upscale Palm Coast and get my butt back out to the cattle country probably to never be heard from again, but my former clients keep showing up and making more appointments for chiropractic and personal training, so by the grace of God, I am still here!

In fact, I have no less than five appointments this week. Amazing!

Ultimately, there really isn’t enough business here in Palm Coast for me to survive on for much longer, so I am making the most of it while it lasts.

I did fulfill my dream of living in a beach town before I turned 60, so there’s that accomplishment. If I had just skipped college and got a job in the trades, I know I could have got here about 30 years earlier, but better late than never.

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