After receiving an online ad promoting a portable pulley/cable system for around $70.00 and change, of course I could not resist the urge to invent my own version.

After visiting Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, and the REI Mountaineering section, here’s my version:

First, I picked up two 1 and 1/2″ heavy-duty swivel pulleys at Lowe’s, for $5.98 each. These are rated at 420 pounds apiece. I think I’m safe in assuming I will never come anywhere near exceeding that rating with my degenerating, aging body.

Next, I picked up a couple of quick links at ACE for $5.99 apiece, rated at 880 pounds apiece. 

Then, also at ACE, I picked up 7 feet of 1/4″ vinyl-coated cable, for a price I can’t recall, because I lost the receipt already, but it was pretty cheap, maybe 1 dollar per foot? 


Next, I cruised over to REI and hit the rock-climbing department and was ecstatic to find Metolius  18mm “Sling Straps” rated at 22 kilonewtons, for $3.95 x 2. This must be a European thing, but a quick Google search tells me that these wimpy-looking straps are rated for a weight of almost 5,000 pounds!!!! Wow. I think these will do fine in the weight room. 

I also picked up some Metolius FS Mini II Carabiners for $5.95, also rated very highly for strength at 7 kilonewtons, which is equivalent to over 1,500 pounds!!! Okay, these’ll hold up. 

If money is no object, REI also has pulleys on hand, but they cost a small fortune compared to the hardware store variety.


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A Heading

I was able to attach this whole concoction to an overhead aluminum frame loading-ramp anchored to the ceiling of a small barn. Here is what my setup looks like.


Another Heading

In Florida, you can workout outdoors all year, if you don’t mind being eaten alive by mosquitoes.


portable pulley system

Yet Another Heading

So, for 7 feet of vinyl-coated cable, two carabiners, two straps, two quick links and a pulley, I spent about $45.00, so I saved $25.00 compared to the advertised version, and mine is rated over twice as high for safe poundage limits. Of course, two are better than one, so you will spend about $90.00 for a pair, plus travel expense.



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