…actually, by a car accident. I was minding my own business, sitting in the back seat of a Mercury Cougar in Virginia Beach when we got rear-ended by a drunk driver, a couple of Navy boys by the way. They were out partying, but they went too far that night, right into the back of our vehicle going about 60 mph. It was 1969. I was 9 years old. I would suffer from back and neck pain from that point on until I was 30.

I remember that my neck was stiff for a few weeks afterward, but my parents never did bring me in to see a doctor. Eventually, the pain subsided, and my neck was pain-free, but my mid-back started aching and no amount of stretching and twisting could get rid of the pain. I came to accept it as a normal part of my everyday life.

After a few years of this, I did eventually go see several medical doctors about the back pain, but all they did was MRI my whole body, finding nothing and then they put me on pain medication.

After years of taking pain meds, I had pretty much given up on ever finding a cure for my backache, but after college and well into my first career at an insurance company, I stumbled upon chiropractic care.

Thinking that it was nothing more than a glorified massage, I let the doctor adjust my neck, which resulted in a twist and a loud “crack.” Shocked, I got up from the table and, to my utter amazement, my back pain was gone for the first time since that fateful night in 1969. I immediately dropped all my pain meds and continued care for 6 months, until my entire physical posture was changed for the better and I was standing much straighter! I experienced true health for the first time ever!

I was sold on chiropractic care from that point on.


Flagler chiropractor


“Joint fixation with nerve interference.” That’s what we’re going after when we “crack” or adjust your back and extremities. We want to restore normal motion and eliminate any resulting nerve interference, which can manifest in a variety of ways as health problems in your body. 

Thumper Massager


We wish we had all day to gently massage away your muscle aches and pains, but in reality, we need to get the job done way more quickly than your neighborhood masseuse and get back to the donut shop, therefore we incorporate modern, effective, high-intensity massage gadgets that get the job done, fast!

Nerve Connections


The chiropractic technique popularized by Thurman Fleet in the 1930s. Utilizing the connection between your body and your mind, Zone goes deeper than mere back pain relief.